Restaurant Experience


Introducing Our New and Innovative Lunch Menu at Bikini Beach Looking for a refreshing and contemporary lunch experience? Our quick and lighter lunch menu is designed for Bali bed, bar, or restaurant-style dining. Savour our signature Bikini sushi, prepared fresh daily in-house, or indulge in our small sharing plates, delectable salads, or even big plates. The choice is yours!


Experience a night of delectable cocktails, carefully selected wines, and champagne, paired with excellent fine dining service. 

Our exceptional chefs only serve the finest cuts of meat like Fillet, Tomahawk, and Chateaubriand, which are carefully butchered in-house, complemented by our extensive fresh seafood offering. 

With panoramic sea views, you’re guaranteed a memorable dining experience.

Weekly Reasons to Visit

White Party

White Party

At our White Party expect an event, that will guarantee you remember your Friday night at Bikini Beach for years to come. Around 10pm, people get tipsy, our DJs …
Bikini Beats

Bikini Beats

“The vibrant energy of Sal”Every Saturday at the Bikini Beats, Beach Party! This high-energy event kicks off right after 2 pm and lasts until 8 pm, featuring live PA …
Sunday Brunch Club

The Sunday Brunch Club

The only way to spend your Sunday is to spend it at Bikini Beach. Let the drinks flow, enjoy our fine dining menu, live entertainment and the view is incredible. …