VIP Experience


Relax and Unwind on our Luxurious Heaven Bali Beds While Enjoying the Sal Island Ambience Take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and sink into one of our heavenly Bali beds. Indulge in the sounds of Sal Island’s top DJs and international headline artists, while taking in the breath-taking views. At night, the pool transforms into a magical setting perfect for socialising, sipping cocktails, enjoying dinner, and evening entertainment.

VIP Heaven Bali Beds

€100 per person (2 guests per bed)

Why not sit back and unwind on one of our luxurious Heaven Bali Beds, soak up the beats and the vibes brought to you by Sal Island top DJs and international and headline artists, as well as enjoy the inspiring view.

Illuminated at night, the pool takes on another character as a wonderful setting for socialising, cocktails, dinner and evening entertainment.

Weekly Reasons to Visit

Bikini Beats

Bikini Beats

“The vibrant energy of Sal”Every Saturday at the Bikini Beats, Beach Party! This high-energy event kicks off right after 2 pm and lasts until 8 pm, featuring live PA …
Sunday Brunch Club

The Sunday Brunch Club

The only way to spend your Sunday is to spend it at Bikini Beach. Let the drinks flow, enjoy our fine dining menu, live entertainment and the view is incredible. …
White Party

White Party

At our White Party expect an event, that will guarantee you remember your Friday night at Bikini Beach for years to come. Around 10pm, people get tipsy, our DJs …